Video Production

Our Creative Canvas Productions, Inc. founders and crew have managed video projects for well over 30 years while amassing an inventory of audio, video, lighting, and green screen equipment, including a drone.

Because of our experience in the areas of 2d and 3d animation, and motion design, your completed video can include various overlays as well as additional movements to enhance the vision of your project while helping to realize your overall marketing strategy.

Motion Design

Creative Canvas Productions, Inc. creates graphical content for on-air programming, including, but not limited to, television commercials, show opens, and chyron packages; lower thirds or other graphics overlay, and interstitial; bumpers, looping logo animations, coming up next commercials, and more.

We also create content for movie theatre and gas pump advertising, mobile and online marketing formats like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Websites, and other social media platforms.

When it comes to storytelling, we use techniques and specialized software to produce wire-frame representations of any 3-dimensional objects. Our capabilities are perfect for product prototypes, construction project build-outs, layered views of a medical device, instructional and/or whiteboard videos, and more.


Sports Animation Design


We at Creative Canvas Productions, Inc. specialize in graphics and in-game sports animations; team opens, sponsor animations, head-shots, and crowd prompts for ribbon board displays inside stadiums and arenas. The displays we create are an essential element in bringing game-day entertainment to life. They allow you to captivate and engage the audience while providing a platform to advertise.

Event Management

Our Creative Canvas Productions, Inc. founders and crew bring all of our combined skills to the table when it comes to managing in-person events. This service speaks to clients who host educational workshops and seminars, logistics and production-heavy conferences for 200 attendees or more with sponsorship elements, and those wanting to create a "wow" moment with a social event for 100 or more attendees.

For our virtual, hybrid, live streaming, webinar, and summit hosts, let us alleviate the stress of having to focus on the mechanics while delivering your content. We'll manage all the technical aspects for you by pushing all the buttons, managing on-screen comments, bringing guests "on-stage"/screen, so you can focus on your viewers and your messaging.